112 Township Drive, Tannersville, Pa. 18372
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Road Striping Projects to Begin 8/30

Please exercise caution when traveling the following roads during the time period beginning Wednesday (8/30).

The Township’s contractor will stripe approximately 30 miles of roads – we cannot state exact times and days of specific roads, but ask that you simply exercise caution when traveling on any of the following roads.

Please note that we are required by the state to stripe all Township roads with double yellow and white lines in order to remain eligible for the annual liquid fuels funding the Township receives.

In the near future, the Township Road Crew will be installing stone shoulders on the five miles of roads that were paved this season. Stay tuned for further updates.

  • Abeel Rd
  • Antler Rd
  • Babbling Brook Rd
  • Back Mountain Rd
  • Beehler Rd
  • Birchwood Drive
  • Birchwood Road
  • Bog Rd
  • Brookdale Drive
  • Brookdale Rd
  • Buck Valley Cir
  • Buck Valley Dr
  • Cherry Lane Church
  • Cranberry Rd
  • Crescent Lake Dr./Crescent Drive
  • Deer Lane
  • Doe Rd
  • Dyson Rd
  • Fawn Lane
  • Fish Hill Rd
  • Frantz Hill Rd
  • Gravatts Way
  • Hillside Dr
  • Joann Rd
  • Joanne Rd/Joanne Ct
  • Jupiter Ct
  • Laurel Lake Rd
  • Learn Road
  • Mackenzie Ln
  • McKay Rd
  • Munch Dr
  • Old Mill Rd (bridge to 611)
  • Park Ln
  • Post Hill Ct
  • Post Hill Rd
  • Railroad Dr
  • Scotrun Ave
  • Scotrun Dr
  • Shine Hill
  • Summit Rd
  • Sunlite Ln
  • Tara Hill Dr
  • Woodland Dr