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Do you understand the permitting process? Do you know when you require a permit to do work at your home or your business?

Zoning will tell you WHERE in your property you can build, add a deck, or put up a shed.
Building Codes will tell you HOW to build it according to standard building codes.

The Township Zoning Ordinance regulates the use, intensity of use, size and location of buildings and other structures, as well as establishing regulations for land use by trade industry, recreation and public activities (this is the WHERE). The Township has also adopted the Uniform Construction Code. This ordinance ensures that all construction is subject to codes such as the International Building Code and the International Residential Code (this is the HOW). Pocono Township has contracted with Building Inspection Underwriters Inc. for building code inspections

The Permit Process at A Glance

1.Zoning & building applications and supporting documentation are presented to the Zoning and Building Codes Officials.
2.The Zoning Officer reviews the application for completeness and if approved issues a zoning permit for the project.
3.The approved zoning permit is given to the Building Codes Official, who initiates the building codes portion of the permitting process. Applicant must bring plans to building codes officer for approval. Once approved, the official contacts the applicant for pick up.
4.If an application is denied, an applicant has the right to appeal this decision to the Zoning Hearing Board pursuant to the Pennsylvania Municipal Planning Code.

Key Information for SubdivisionS & Land Development Plans

Pocono Township’s Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (SALDO) establishes rules, regulations and standards governing the subdivision, development and alteration of land within our township. It sets forth the procedures to be followed by the Township Planning Commission for review and recommendation to the Board of Commissioners for approval

Looking for a township ordinance? Use this link for full access

Building Codes

2018 International Residential Code
2018 International Commercial Code

Safety First

If you are remodeling your home, check with the township for permits or code requirements.


Did you know you need a permit for the following projects?

  • Paving your driveway
  • Building a deck
  • Putting a shed in your ard
  • Expanding your home or garage
  • Signs
  • Home occupation
  • Wells and septic
  • Occupancy
  • Commercial & residential construction
  • Swimming pools
  • Burning

Building Codes Officer

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