112 Township Drive, Tannersville, Pa. 18372

Pocono Township owns and operates a sewer collection system that serves over 200 homes and business located on the 611 corridor. The township works with the Brodhead Watershed Authority who processes all wastewater at their facility located in East Stroudsburg and are our billing partners.

Public Works Director

Phone (570) 629-1922 x 1217

Email: [email protected]

Important Documentation: Resolution 2013-10/Sewer System Procedure Manual

Properties connected to the sewer system will be billed per EDU, which is $85.54 per month, or $3,750 per year.


Your Tapping Fee is based on Equivalent Dwelling Units (EDU.) A single-family dwelling is attributed, assigned, one (1) EDU, which is the estimated daily water usage, 247 gallons, for a single-family dwelling.

Commercial buildings that are served by a metered water supply shall be attributed the number of EDUs set forth in Schedule C from Resolution 2013-10.

All bills regarding the Sanitary Sewer System are issued on a monthly basis. Bills are due and payable within twenty-one (21) days after the date of the bill, and a late fee equal to 10% per annum is added for each day the bill is delinquent.

Pocono Township does not bill customers directly; this is done by BCRA (Brodhead Creek Regional Authority.)


Pay your sewer bill here.

Yes. To file for an appeal you must obtain a SEWER SERVICE INQUIRY form from the Township office or you can download the form HERE.

For any questions concerning the allocation of EDU’s or any other issues, please fill out the Sewer Service Inquiry form and forward it to Pocono Township as per the instructions on the form.

On February 6, 2013 the Pocono Township Board of Supervisors passed Ordinance No. 2013-01, which amended and restated Ordinance No. 149, requiring all owners of an improved property located in the Sewered Area of the Township which is adjoining and adjacent to the Sanitary Sewer Line constructed, owned, or operated by the Township to connect such improved property with and to use such sewer line.

You must pick-up your CONNECTION PERMIT APPLICATION PACKET at the Pocono Township Municipal Building located on Route 611 at 112 Township Drive, Tannersville, Pa. 18372 during normal business hours.

Once you receive your CONNECTION NOTICE you have ninety (90) to complete your CENTRAL SEWER CONNECTION

The Township does not recommend any contractors. The selection of a contractor to make the connection to the sewer is left to the property owners. Property owners are allowed to make the connection provided that the installation complies with applicable Township Requirements.

There is a System Procedures Manual available at the Municipal Building or HERE, which describes the installation requirements, as well as the procedures and instructions for completing the applications and the requirements for the submission of plans and supporting documents for your system connection.

The Township would appreciate 48 hours advanced notice of when you are going to start your project as well as 48 hours notice as to when the project will be ready for the inspections and testing as required by Section 4.05 of Resolution 2013-10 also known as the System Procedures Manual.

In the event that a property owner should fail to connect such improved property and use the Sewer System, as required, the Township, or its agents, may enter upon such Improved Property and construct such connection. In such event, the Township shall send an itemized bill of the cost of construction to the Owner of the property to which connection has been made, which bill is payable immediately. If the Owner fails to pay the bill, the Township shall file a municipal lien for the cost of the construction within six (6) months of the date of completion of the connection.

Your existing septic tank or cesspool must be abandoned, taken out of service, as detailed in the System Procedures Manual Section. 4.06.

To schedule an inspection, you must call the Township’s Building Codes Officer at 570-629-1922 x 1215

TAPPING FEE (CONNECTION FEE)                        $3,750.00


TANK ABANDONMENT PERMIT FEE                        $125.00