112 Township Drive, Tannersville, Pa. 18372

The Pocono Township Roads Department is staffed by a crew of Eleven individuals who with the use of their wide-ranging skills and qualifications maintain all township roads and parks.


Pocono Township consists of a total of 153 miles of roads, 78 miles belonging to Pocono Township and 75 miles to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Every summer the road crew is involved with several maintenance projects along the Township roadways to insure they are safe and well preserved. These projects range from pothole patching, small paving jobs, sign replacement to shoulder cutting and sweeping. Anytime of the year our road crew is out working, we ask that you please slow-down in work zones and obey the flagger or signage in the area. Compliance will ensure your safety and that of the Pocono Township Road Crew

Snow Removal

During a snow event, Pocono Township’s road crew works round the clock to keep all township roads safe for residents and visitors to our township. However, this is a shared effort as we need your assistance during a storm to ensure the snow removal process goes as smoothly as possible. If a snow emergency is declared, all vehicles parked on a township road may be towed at the owner’s expense.

Tips to Make Snow Removal More Efficient & Less Disruptive

Place your mailbox four feet (4’) from township roadway

Inspect your mailbox before the start of winter to ensure it is in good repair and sturdy. Heavy snow will cause a mailbox to be damaged or knocked down. This is not intentional. Please note that the township is not responsible for mailboxes that are knocked down or damaged.

Do not install large landscaping items such as fences, rocks and decorative plants in the township right of way. These can be damaged during snow removal and will not be the responsibility of the township to replace.

Road Department Request

Clean Up Days

Every year, the township offers residents the opportunity to clear out large bulky items for a nominal fee.

Where: Pocono Township Complex Public Works Building
When: Thursday, Friday, & Saturday (Dates announced in early spring)
Time: 7:30 am – 3:00 pm
What: Old tires, furniture, appliances
Cost: Determined by BOC

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