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FY 2022 Draft Budget Presentation

On behalf of Pocono Township’s Administration, please accept the Township’s proposed FY 2022 Budget and accompanying budget message for public review and consideration.

As COVID fears waned, 2021 saw Township activity increase across the board as our tourist destinations and businesses sprang back to life. Township revenues remained consistent in major categories, and we continued to leverage attentive fiscal management to responsibly manage taxpayer funds while providing critical services to our community.

While the Board of Commissioners and Administration have worked hard to responsibly manage Township finances, continued diligence is required to address ongoing fiscal pressures including closing the Township’s budgetary operating deficit; managing increasing personnel costs and contractual obligations; and replenishing the Township’s capital fund for road projects and equipment purchases.

Our continued focus is to “live within our means” as a Township – exercising spending restraint while funding our critical Public Safety, Public Works and Recreation needs.

The Board of Commissioners continues to address citizen concerns, ensure our Police Department is prepared for today’s challenges, upgrade aging Township infrastructure, increase recreational opportunities in our parks and streamline Township operations.

Please review the following narrative regarding the proposed budget.


2022 Proposed Budgets