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PUBLIC NOTICE: Comment Period Open for Pocono Township’s Act 537 Sewage Facilities Plan

Notice is hereby given in accordance with requirements of the Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act No. 537, that Pocono Township is preparing to submit to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and official Act 537 Sewage Facilities Plan Special Study Update (Plan).  This notice has been published to allow the general public to review and comment on the proposed Plan.

The Plan evaluates eight (8) wastewater management alternatives for the Special Study Areas in the Township.  The four (4) Special Study Areas are:  Bartonsville Ave. Service Area Expansion (only the Monroe County Technical Institute property), Stadden Road and Warner Road Service Areas (encompassing the area approximately described as extending from Pocono Creek on the east, the Township boundary on the west, Reeders Run on the south, and to and including an unnamed tributary to Pocono Creek on the north, also including Stadden Road, Ruby Lane, Poe Voll Court, Gardner Road, Warner Road, Old Mill Road, John’s Lane, and SR 715), and Sullivan Trail Service Area (encompassing the area approximately described as extending from Interstate Route 80 on the east and north, along Sullivan Trail to and including Mountain View Park, along Camelback Road to Camelback Resort on the west and Pocono Creek to the south, including Kresge Lane, Stony Creek Lane, Snow Lane, Ridge Drive, and Evergreen Court).  Two (2) minor service area expansions at SR 0715 near SR 0611 and on Shine Hill Road near SR 0611 are also included.  The Alternatives presented in the Plan generally consist of the following:  Conventional Alternatives, Individual Sewage Disposal Systems, and a No-Action Alternative.

The selected alternative for this plan is the Conventional Alternative identified as “Option 1 – Expansion of the Existing Sewer Collection System into Growth Areas Adjacent to the Existing Main Collection System”.  User fees are currently $85.54/EDU and are not considered for revision as part of this Special Study.

A 30-day review and comment period is in effect commencing on January 12, 2022 and concluding on February 11, 2022.  Anyone wishing to review and/or comment may do so during this 30-day period.  The public may review the plan online at www.poconopa.gov.  A copy of the plan is also available for public inspection at the Pocono Township offices at 112 Township Drive, Tannersville, PA 18372.  Please call 570-629-1922 to set up an appointment.

Written comments shall be submitted to the Pocono Township Board of Commissioners, 112 Township Drive, Tannersville, PA 18372, or by email to [email protected] .

DRAFT Pocono Twp Act 537 Plan Special Study