Pocono Township Parks & Recreation

Pocono Township Parks and Recreation Board

Our Mission

The Pocono Township Parks & Recreation Board shall permanently preserve, protect, maintain, improve, and enhance its natural resources, park land, and recreational opportunities for current and future generations.

The Pocono Township Parks & Recreation Board exists to provide places and recreation opportunities for residents and visitors alike to engage in activities that promote health, well-being, community, and the environment.

Vision Statement

Our vision statement and the two vision themes will guide future development, operations, and maintenance of the Pocono Township Parks & Recreation Board into 2020.

Currently, Mountain View Park and the Pocono Heritage Center are premier park destinations in the heart of the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Natural, cultural, artistic, historical, and recreational resources cultivate outstanding experiences, health, enjoyment, fun, and learning for all people. Mountain View Park and the Pocono Heritage Center are sustainable, well-maintained and safe, and meet the needs of individuals, families, and communities.

Vision Phase 1:

Identified Community Need and Demographics
Emphasis will be placed on researching community needs and demographics when considering program and facility delivery.

Quality versus Quantity
The amenities provided to meet the park and recreation needs of communities will be high quality and provided at a sustainable level. Amenities that have completed their useful life-cycle, especially those with a blighted appearance, will be removed and, as funding becomes available, replaced with new amenities.

Focus on preserving land continues, with a strong emphasis on connecting people to the land and each other.

Vision Phase 2:

Embracing Technology
Decision-making will embrace technology to better serve the community.

Fostering a New Face for Partnerships
Non-traditional partners that provide new opportunities for residents and are consistent with the organization's mission will be encouraged.

Contact the Pocono Township Parks and Recreation Board:                                  ParksandRec@poconopa.gov