Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan

On June 20, 2005 the Pocono Township Supervisors adopted the Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan. This plan was also adopted by Hamilton Township, Stroud Township and Stroudsburg Borough, thus forming the HSPS Region. The HSPS Region is the first region in Monroe County to adopt a Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan.

The purpose of this plan is to work proactively to assure that the future of the HSPS Region will be shaped by the municipalities own vision, rather than reacting to forces acting upon the Townships and the Borough.

Each municipality has prepared an individual comprehensive plan in the past. This comprehensive plan is the first joint comprehensive landuse planning effort by the municipalities, and was initiated because of the recognized need to examine overall planning for the area in light of development trends and pressures in the region; to determine common goals and objectives for landuse, transportation, community facilities and services, housing, economic development, natural, scenic, historic and cultural resources; coordinate landuse and infrastructure planning on a regional basis; recognize the comprehensive plan for Monroe County, Monroe 2020: and building upon the regional open space and recreation plans adopted for the municipalities in the region.

The Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan contains a vision of what the Townships and the Borough want to be, and includes goals, policies and strategies for realizing that vision. The major concern of the Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan of the HSPS Region is to maintain and enhance the quality of life for the Regions residents.

The Plan is available for review at the Pocono Township Municipal Building.