Public Works

The Public Works Department consists of 8 full time employees and 6 seasonal part time employees. The Department is responsible for maintaining 78.5 miles of roadways. This includes paving, plowing, signage, vegetation control, pavement markings, roadway culverts and swales. There are 46.5 miles of Penn Dot maintained roadways in the Township. The Public Works Department also maintains the Township operational facilities, sanitary sewer system and the Township parks.

Any concerns, problems, questions or assistance can be obtained by contacting Public Works  at (570) 629-1922 x 217.

Drinking Water is provided by Broadhead Creek Regional Authority. Any questions or concerns should be directed to their office at (570) 421-3232.

Garbage collection is the responsibility of each property owner. Currently, property owners are required to contract with an approved refuse hauler who complies with Department of Environmental Protection Act 101 regulations, as well as Monroe County Waste Authority’s requirements. Township property residents are required to recycle their refuse in accordance with this Act and the Waste Authority’s requirements. The Township provides 1 recycling container, free of charge to each property owner.

The Township conducts a spring and fall cleanup programs for the residents. All unwanted materials (some restrictions apply) can be deposited at the Township Building during these events. Contact the Township Administration Offices at (570) 629-1922 for the event schedules, questions or concerns.

Township residents may take their yard waste (branches, garden waste and leaves) to the Stroud Township Compost Site, located at 134 Gaunt Road, Stroudsburg between the hours of 8 AM to 2 PM, Monday through Friday.

Staff Contacts