Park Rules and Regulations

Park Rules and Regulations



1. NO DOGS OR PETS ALLOWED IN THE PARK. Exceptions can be made for guide dogs/service animals.
2. All pavilion usage requires an approved and executed Pocono Township Rental Agreement. Reservations can be made at the township municipal building or via Cash payments will not be accepted at the park. Pavilion rentals are on a first come, first-served basis.
3. The pavilion applicant or designee, known to and approved by Pocono Township, is required to be on-site during the entire event, including preparation and clean-up/take down. The group/designee is responsible for damage to the park or equipment caused by members of that group/designee. Groups are to utilize only the pavilion to which they have been assigned. Pocono Township reserves the right to reassign a group if the number of attendees exceeds the number allowed on the application. Additional fees will apply.

4. All events that are to be advertised as "open to the public" require a written proposal to be submitted for review to the Pocono Township Parks and Recreation Board.  The Pocono Township Parks and Recreation Board reserves the right to approve, deny, or amend said proposals.  Fees for such events will be determined on a case by case basis as part of the review/approval process.

5. All decorations must be cleared with Pocono Township’s park supervising employee in advance of the scheduled activity. No confetti or glitter allowed in pavilions.

6. Fields, playground equipment and other public spaces (i.e. restrooms, volleyball court, etc.) are to be shared.
7. Cars and trucks are not permitted to operate on park premises, other than on roadways or in parking lots.

8. Trashand recyclables are to be placed in proper containers.
9.Picnic tables or other items are not to be removed from a pavilion.
10. Open fires are not permitted.
11. No smoking, e-cigarettes, or other tobacco products permitted in the park.

12. No alcoholic beverages allowed in the park.

13. No glass bottles allowed in the park.

14.No motorized vehicles, ATVs, hover, boards, Segways,etc., allowed in the park.

15. Remote controlled aerial vehicles (drones) allowable in safe open areas of the park, to be enforced by park personnel.

16. Digging or penetrating of ground or surface is prohibited.
17. Refunds for canceled use: Must cancel 30 days prior to reserved date for a full refund.
18. Failure to comply with all park rules and regulations could result in banishment from the park and/or legal action and forfeit of the rental fee for the pavilion.
19. Pocono Township’s park supervisingemployeeshave the authority to act upon and enforce specific situations not covered above. In all cases, Pocono Township has the final decision.
20. Park closes promptly at 8:00 p.m. Gate is locked shortly thereafter.