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Police Department Statement – 1/23 Camelback Ski Area Incident


January 27, 2022

Tannersville, PA – In the early afternoon of Sunday, January 23, 2022, the Pocono Township Police Department received a call from Camelback Ski Area requesting police assistance in response to a retail theft. It was reported that a male was seen on camera stealing ski goggles from the retail shop at the snow tubing slopes. A group of young women were also observed in the security footage at the same time the theft occurred.

When police officers arrived, they first reviewed security footage showing the theft. The officers met with members of Camelback security who identified a group of young women wearing similar apparel to what was shown in the security footage. One female was also wearing the same brand of goggles as those reported stolen.

The officers approached the group and proceeded to ask informational questions and whether they could identify the male that was shown in the security footage. As shown in body camera recordings of the entire incident, the officers made no reference to race, the females were never accused of the theft, nor was a threat of arrest made. The group of young women were never detained and were free to leave at any time.

The Pocono Township Police Department requires the use of body cameras during any incident response. The footage from the body cameras show the officers maintained a professional demeanor during the entire exchange. The questioning of the young females was based on individuals seen in security footage and the direction of Camelback security staff.

A recent Pocono Record article made erroneous claims questioning the integrity of the Pocono Township Police Department, largely based on content from a few TikTok videos. While the article states that “multiple requests for comment” were made to the Chief of Police, this reporter was previously informed he is currently on leave. The article also claims officers made racial comments, which recordings of the incident show never happened.

The Pocono Township Police Department rigorously enforces and follows its non-discrimination policies. In compliance with its policies, the Pocono Township Police Department investigated based on Camelback’s testimony, witness testimony and evidence provided.

This incident is still under investigation.