112 Township Drive, Tannersville, Pa. 18372
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Public Hearing – Wetland Buffer Relief

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NOTICE IS GIVEN that the Board of Commissioners of Pocono Township, Monroe County, Pennsylvania, will hold a public hearing, held pursuant to the Pennsylvania Local Agency Law, commencing at 6:00 p.m. on July 15, 2024, at the Pocono Township Municipal Building located at 112 Township Drive, Tannersville, Pennsylvania 18372 to consider the application of Classic Quality Homes for a waiver of Chapter 365, Stormwater Management, Article III, Stormwater Management, Section 365-10 of the Pocono Township Code of Ordinances. The applicants are seeking relief from the wetland buffer requirements. The subject property is known as Lot 610 Williams Lane, Pocono Township, Monroe County Tax Parcel I.D. No. The subject property is located in the R-1 Residential Zoning District.

Copies of the application materials are available for public inspection at the Pocono Township Municipal Building, 112 Township Drive, Tannersville, Pennsylvania 18372, during normal business hours. An opportunity will be afforded to any citizen and to all parties in interest to be heard with respect to this application.

Leo V. DeVito, Jr., Esquire
Township Solicitor